Chikamatsu Fuma LIAR

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37 years old
Odawara, Kanagawa
Japan - 00000
Last Login: August 21 2020

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Ronin native to the Fūma clan, Chikamatsu ( or Devil Chikamatsu " Oni No Chikamatsu") is a masterless samurai and shinobi who goes around practicing shinobi no jutsu, and has his own ninpo. He also has knowledge of gungaku, jujutsu,Te, Kenjutsu, Sojutsu, Teppojutsu, Kuji,Suiren, Kyujutsu and other essential arts for samurai. His goal is to become the best shinobi, and trained in Kishu Ryu, Koka Ryu and Iga Ryu. Its rumored that he is actually a Wind Demon.

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