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Came here for a new life. See where it takes me.

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Layla Calugareni (princess of Algeria)(Abdulbaiths Wicked Fox)(OI)

06-03-2019 11:26:27

occ starter: sorry for it being late.

The Imperium
Ic: Layla was the daughter of the king and queen of Algeria, thus making her a princess. But she had been sent away in order to pay off her father′s debt to the Shadow King within the Imperium. Unfortunately, for him this did not work and she was saved by a priest whom would claim her as his own. Layla was the loyal type so she would not be with anyone else but the priest that saved her but she was not just a silly girl to say the least. No Layla′s personality was much like  fox. She was clever and willing to learn more about the Shadows and what comes with them.

One part of the shadows was the ability to move between realms or locations which caused Layla′s interest to be peaked. After asking permission to go to another land, from the Shadow Priest, known to her as Abdulbaith, Layla opened a portal to another land. The land was not known to her because she had never been out of Algeria or the Imperium, so this was something very new to her. Making portals was a little different for her because by all means she was human, but after being around the Shadow Priest for awhile she had gain some knowledge of the magic that he was born with.

Once the portal was open, Layla looked behind her to see the Shadow Priest give her a slight worried look, she smiled before saying,"I′ll be alright. Besides if I need you.. I know you will come to me. I promise my love I shall  return to your arms." She said with her giggle that made him smile each time. She winked before walking into the portal knowing that it would soon close behind her and at least for a time she would not be able to go back that way. In order to go back she would have to open a portal after going to the land that she was fixing to be in.

New York
Layla walked carefully through the Shadow Realm having heard the stories of the creatures that it held. She could hear the screams of those who had been imprisoned within the Shadow Realm, yet she was was not scared of what was around her. She was surrounded by complete darkness until a small ray of light began to shine upon her face as the other side of the portal began to open. From what she could see buildings that seemed to be built by some unknown force instead of sheer manpower. She could hear the sounds of the city and see people move at a fast pace.

Before stepping out into the unknown world, Layla took a deep breath and took one step forward until she could feel the ground beneath her feet. Closing the portal behind her, Layla looked around with her hazel eyes and smiled at the fact that she had actually done something magical without having to be born into it. The only problem was that she did not know where she was exactly.

The only way she would actually find that out was if she stared to walk around the streets hoping no one in their right mind saw a girl who was dressed in clothes from the ancient past walk out of a portal onto the streets. As she walked she could easily see that she did not fit in by the fact how she was dressed, but this was how the Imperium but more importantly the Shadow Priest wanted her to dress.

Wearing a dress that was v-cut just at her chest that the hem reached passed her knees, colored lilac, and styled like the typical Roman royalty, Layla was not what any of the women in this land looked like. " Where am I?" she said out loud as she walked to a street corner looked confused and slightly worried.

Ghost Rider(Barbara Ketch)

04-26-2019 9:21:01

Oh really? Hmmm

Ghost Rider(Barbara Ketch)

04-26-2019 7:36:05

Now that you mentioned it.......wait....

Ghost Rider(Barbara Ketch)

04-26-2019 5:45:53

You′re fine don′t worry

Ghost Rider(Barbara Ketch)

04-24-2019 6:11:15

Oh hello there

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