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Interests: Sexuality: Willaim is a bisexual male and for him it is a big deal having original grown up in the 1800 and 1900s, it was a taboo. He also kept it to himself for a long period of time due to his military service.

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William Osmond was born in 1897 to a middle-class family, life was only occasionally glamorous yet at the age of 17 Willaim was caught up in the Great war in 1914. William went to the front lines were he saw horrors soldiers see upon the front lines. Willaim in a rather dirty gas fight stumbled into a locked room on a farm, search for some water to clean his eyes.  No water did he find, but a vampire who took to the suffering male, having been starved the vampire took what he needed but gave a gift as well.
He changed Willaim, now this old vampire Lord called Heimdall named from the Nordic God with a watchful eye. He kept his new 'toy' soldier hid away using his mind magic to keep the soldier submissive, however, the French farm they were hidden in was soon taken by the Germans. In an evacuation, a dazed and disoriented Willaim found his platoon(British Expeditionary Force) and he was sent to the medical tents and for six days he howled in pain as his skin burned, finally, a woman dressed in a black veil came to him. With promises to end his pain, in the night they made sweet love.  A deal was cast that night an immunity of sunlight, for feeding succubi when she needed to feed on lust. 
William came from the tent and continued to fight in the war. He fed on enemy troops and returned home at the end of the war to find his parents had died. Selling his family home he left to America and began working in the city of New York, he worked with contractors and carpenters. Even finding love, but with the flu swept into the grandest city on Earth he lost his love. Ellen Belle Osmond died, it was only a year within their marriage and she had passed before the eve of summer. Distraught and a wreck Willaim left his home and headed the hot and lonely south.
He took to New Orleans, he drank mostly as the war screamed in his mind. He was a lost cause really feeding on whores and drifters, years past ticking by ever so slowly. Another meeting with his dear lady succubi, and before he knew it he was another war. So, he joined that war yet took the name, Willaim Fontaine.  He was in the new paratroopers and was thrust right quickly onto the battlefield after training, he kept his head down and did as he was told. Never be to outstanding was his rule, a rule to keep his secret.

William fought well slaying the 'evil' Germans which he once fought alongside with. He drank from the handsome ones, lulled them into a fine hypnotism and fed. To cover what he did he shot them after, it was war. Who would question? It was when he was in the colds of Bastogne, that his nightmares meld from the last war and now this war. He sat in the foxholes pretending to shiver, to lean on his battle buddy for warmth. He sat there and ducked for cover from the mortars, watched his comrades due left and right. It was a standing point in the war, and he felt so strange.

William would most likely drink again when he got home, move in the world as it changes and he would stay the same. Always would he be the same, he never changed. He felt as if he was completely alone in the world moving place to place, hiding away from the public eye. Food was becoming harder and harder to come by, people began to ask questions.

{More to come}

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