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113 years old

Spain - XXXXX
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Body Type: Slim / Slender
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Her life hadn′t started under the best circumstances. Her mother having traded her to a slave trader at a young age. She served for a family as part of their household after she was purchased by the lord of the house. She remained there for several years, until she became a young woman, it was then that her life became difficult for her. The Lord of the home had tried to take advantage of her on many occasions, this had not gone unnoticed by the lady of the house who had run her off.

Again she was in the slave trader′s ownership. There had been a man that was very distinguished and she couldn′t fathom why he was there. Her own question was answered shortly there after when he purchased her. He was no ordinary man, there had been something about him. At his home, she had found out what she was purchased for, she would be a blood slave. The man as well as those in the mansion were all vampires and she would serve them.

As time past, one particular vampire had taken to her, he had watched over her as a protector. On one night she had begged that he end her suffering, he had denied her instead he had become her maker. Yes he had ended her life as a human and gave her life as a vampire.

It wasn′t a life that she would have chosen for herself but sometimes you must deal with the cards that life had dealt for you. She traveled with him as taught her things like, how to feed and without leaving any trace of herself, to enthrall those she would feed upon and other things like acting normal as possible. He had taught all that he could and had chosen to return to their homeland of Italy. He would go alone, leaving her alone. His last advice being to not go through her life alone as he did until he turned her. He had become her father figure but what she needed now was a mate he had told her before saying good bye to her.

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