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Alexander Dunois

02-19-2018 5:24:38

Ryan smiled softly indeed i have found someone she is special. Gently he hugged her i am sure i will see all my kids eventually. Briefly he wondered how Kyan was doing before shrugging it didn′t matter much he knew he would see her as well. Looking out seeing the beautiful view a soft smile crossed his features.

Alexander Dunois

02-19-2018 4:38:28

Ryan smiled softly as he moved and sat next to her so how have you been. He realized it was a possibility that she blamed him for her mothers vanishing. Sadly if that was he case there was little to nothing he could do to change that. As he sat there next to his daughter his mind wandered to where the rest of his children were.

Alexander Dunois

02-18-2018 7:16:02

Ryan had been a very busy man with his new love intrest as well as rebuilding what remained of his empire. He knew his daughter must have been lonely with out raven here even he had no idea where she disappeared to. With her in mind he made his way past the guards and the servents untill he came up behind her. Looking at her brought a smile to his face Hello babygirl it seems you have settled in nicely

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