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58 years old
Chʿenchʿa, Southern
Ethiopia - 00000
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Keira ~ Mistress of the jungle~TDG;; COL

11-26-2019 10:45:38

Slinking along the branches of the thick Jungle, the leaves and vines brushing along her skin and the outfit she was wearing that clung to her body. She moved like a cat, liquid movements and motions. Through the dense, dark jungle she could see clearly as if the Sun had been shining a light of the day. She could see the floor moving beneath the leaves and dirt, all the bugs, snakes and other animals there. The Jungle Mistress slunk along the trees, leaping from tree to tree with grace and. Her instincts were honed, heightened and she could feel everything around her. Coming to a small clearing, she saw something she hated seeing. A slain animal, she came closer to it and her heart sank. It was a Tiger. She continued to make her way along the branches and landed gracefully along the clearing. Something about it's death disturbed her. Her peaceful Jungle. She leaned down and watched the disturbance along the brush. She placed her hand along the Tiger, saying a prayer for him. Then she noticed the wound. It wasn't natural, and it was still fresh. Her eyes once again remained fixed along the opening and the Jungle around her. She could see the trail, the prints were lightly smashed against the mud. Tracking the Poachers, she rushed through the Jungle now. Her heart had been racing, anger had flooded her mind and emotions. She wanted justice for the cat. Her emotions were fueling her desire, and she didn't realize just how far into the Jungle she was running. Her anger managed to open a portal through the Jungle, and when it had she disappeared into a new realm and land. It was foreign to her, and she didn't know where she was. She wondered around the realm, trying to figure out where she was.

11-09-2016 5:05:22

Kira Orcus|TAK|ROD|

08-12-2016 7:48:19

Kira woke up early and went into the kitchen as she made her grandma Nyghtwolfe′s birthday cake like she did last year for her. She bakes the cakes, lets them cool down as she make foundant flowers and rolls out foundant to put on the cake. She make buttercream frosting for it as well. Once everything was ready, she puts the cake together and let′s it set. Once it was done, Kira brought the cake to her grandmother and gives it to her. "Happy Birthday Grandma Nyghtwolfe!!!!! Love You!!!"

Amora The Enchantress {Queen Of Asgard} {Wife Of Thor} {Yggdrasil Kingdom}

07-17-2016 10:09:17

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