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58 years old
Chʿenchʿa, Southern
Ethiopia - 00000
Last Login: September 17 2019

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11-09-2016 5:05:22

Kira Orcus|TAK|ROD|

08-12-2016 7:48:19

Kira woke up early and went into the kitchen as she made her grandma Nyghtwolfe′s birthday cake like she did last year for her. She bakes the cakes, lets them cool down as she make foundant flowers and rolls out foundant to put on the cake. She make buttercream frosting for it as well. Once everything was ready, she puts the cake together and let′s it set. Once it was done, Kira brought the cake to her grandmother and gives it to her. "Happy Birthday Grandma Nyghtwolfe!!!!! Love You!!!"

Amora The Enchantress {Queen Of Asgard} {Wife Of Thor} {Yggdrasil Kingdom}

07-17-2016 10:09:17

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