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"Toto, I don't think were in Kansas anymore." (FS4 Group Member)

37 years old
Liberal, Kansas
United States - 67901
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Here for: Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Occupation: Farm Girl, Queen of the Emerald City
Height: 5"6'

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Dorothy is a seemingly ordinary Kansas farm girl. She's more adventureous than she seems to be. On her first adventure in Oz, the story of how sweet, innocent, and incorruptible Dorothy Gale became the Twisted Queen of Oz. Dark magic from a Wicked Witch, not Theodora, but Evanora who originally owned the shoes. Her evil energy flowed through Dorothy and turned her into the exact opposite of everything she once was. Glinda knew this to be the future of the young Kansas girl when she first addressed Dorothy by asking if she was a good witch or a bad witch for only bad witches were ugly. Glinda in a strange way hoped Dorothy would become the new and better younger sister of Theodora. Given her older sister had recently perished due to an unfortunate accident involving young Dorothy's falling home.

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