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"You wish to express to me the full extent of your chivalry? I'm fired up "
27 years old

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Interests: Picture Grand Emperor Body: GRAND-EMPEROR LGWSKULLLIAR
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Wilfred the Wild is from the ancient Saxone and Suebian tribe. A tribe that settled down to become famous Westphalian Saxon Knights. The greatest swordsmen Europe had ever seen. However, before this took place, their liberation from the Franks happened by a young and talented warrior. A warrior who traveled far in the north to learn the ways of the Vikings : the berserker to be precise.

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Overlady Skrella Skarbum LIAR- (SOD)

06-18-2020 4:45:46

A NEW HOPE IN WASTELANDS. Skrella untied him during the night for she had enough of watching his discomfort. Morning comes and Wilfred return comsciousness.The beautiful Avocado Goddess blushed as he moved in for a kiss while saying, I will be yours.Overlady caressed his cheek as she leaned in for their tongues to interlock into one. Overlady Skrella Leans over and whispered into Wilfred's ear. " As of today,You shall be Overlady's (NEW ERA KING) "OVERSEER" Of Goblin Wastelands.(Initials GW).You shall pick up the resposibilities of my late husband Overlord Draconous. You shall NOT be the Legendary Ruler of LIAR but WILL be "The New Overseer for Goblin Wastelands." You are now in control of the War ROOM and TO take over the Goblin Horde Army in the absenceof the late Overlord. "DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT LOOK WILFRED!" We are going on our honeymoon NOT war right now. lol Marriage Certificate: Overseer Wilfred and Overlady Skrella LIAR/GW MARRIAGEWILFRED-LOL Then- Overlady Skrella Skarbum and Overseer Wilfred wave to the crowd from Goblin Wastelands after vows were exchanged between the couple. Overlady Skrella still keeps her last name in honour of her late husband Overlord Draconous Skarbum. Overlady knew she had to make changes in NEW HOPE FOR GOBLIN WASTELANDS. Overlady stands there as a sigh escapes her lips for she wish she could goback in time but she can not. She must move forward to salvage what is left of her Kingdom.Skrella then grabbed her new Overseer's hand as they "TELEPORTED" to Curieuse Island (inhabited island in the Seychelles)We were greeted by The tortoises that roam freely near the beach as they stepped off the boat."This is amazing Wildred!" Crystal clear water from the start. As we held hands while swinging them, walking off the path to mangrove trees and natural crab habitat. "Isn't this just beautiful?"They arrived at the remains a slice of undisturbed paradise and very intimate *winks* Skrella was blessed with long legs that swept up to a narrow, tight avocado butt that she kept in shape with lots of workouts. Her minty breasts were not her strength, in her mind, because they were on the small side. But she had gotten nice comments on the fact that her nipples were quite puffy. In fact, Overlord once told her he had described them as "very suckable."Skrella found a close to the spot, she was looking forward to sunning herself for a while, then maybe getting herself off and finishing up with a dip. Skrella then stood up and gave a whislte. Wilfred was in a speedo.He always did like to show his junk she thought.She ran up and wrapped her arms around her new husband as passion filled them. Skrella peeled off her bikinithen flicked her hair back to tie it up. She did not feel self-conscious, not to mention that her breasts seemed to defy gravity. Being out by herself made her feel sexier. Her boobs and large bottom still made her look hot.She look one more good look around, then ran out to the surf. Skrella kicked through the water, then launched herself forward. The water was still warm enough to swim in. She felt cleansed and alive swimming through completely nude.She made way further out so she would not be disturbed by the waves. There was a sharp set of rocks farther out that almost made the beach into its own lagoon. Skrellaa hefted herself up and sat out on the rocks, facing out to the water and loving the sunset.Stark nude out there as she watched Wilfred follow behind.The sight of Wilfred's toned body and his impressive manhood were being persuasive.She then kissed him in a tease.

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