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41 years old
Isidoro Noblía, Cerro Largo
Uruguay - C1
Last Login: May 29 2023

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As young men Robbie Suarez and his brother Luis both excelled in school. The two continued the mantra of hard work when the joined the military and both were eventually drafted into a secret organisation following a mission that brought them into contact with vampires, a The a Undead Defence Force. Luis being the more physical of the two became captain of a unit with Max Cage his second in command whilst Robbie was noted to have other skills and was drafted into undercover work. Many years later a dark ops mission had him fake his own death and on return he found that his Brother had been lost in a mission into the damned Town of Blackthorn. Unable to break his cover Robbie had to ′stay dead′ and trust the organisation. However when he found out that his niece, Alexandrea had left to search for her father he could not stay in line. Going rogue he has ventured to Blackthorn to find and protect the last of his family, whilst aware that the group they had served could be looking for them next.
Coming soon: Details on Robbies love interest

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10-24-2018 3:26:28

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