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Posted: 10-30-2015 2:13:29   Post Subject: Group Forum Test Nyghtwolfe  [Report As Spam]   [Report Abuse]

This is just a test so we can see how the group forum works.
Posted: 10-30-2015 2:16:17   Post Subject: Test  [Report As Spam]   [Report Abuse]

My reply to the test forum
Posted: 10-30-2015 2:18:36   Post Subject: test  [Report As Spam]   [Report Abuse]

picture posting ...   check

Posted: 10-30-2015 2:25:23   Post Subject: Video test  [Report As Spam]   [Report Abuse]

Video test

Posted: 10-30-2015 2:27:37   Post Subject: test  [Report As Spam]   [Report Abuse]

So   Pictures check ...  
video  check.  ...  
Reply posts check  ...