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"RůmeniÍl"Roamer" Arandil - "My pain is the source of my light, my despair the source of hope for others and Varda′s blessing be my shield to defend those I love.""
114 years old
Stuttgart, Baden-W√ľrttemberg
Germany - 70469
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RůmeniÍl Arandil comes of a noble Nķmenorian family. Her ancestors were of the Elendili ("Elffriends") that accompanied Elendil the Tall before the Downfall of Nķmenor.

Because her forefathers remained loyal and faithfull to the king and the old ways, they kept the secret of Isildur′s heir and vowed to protect him. Thus they were named Arandil "King′s friend".

When she was born her mother named her "Star of Dawn", for she foresaw that RůmeniÍl might become a light of hope in dark hours to come. And it was her mother that taught her the secrets of old and kindled the passion for gathering knowledge in her heart.

Her father was a stern and highly honoured Captain of the Rangers of the North. RůmeniÍl was his only child and heir, so he taught her all the warcraft and skills he knew.

Like many of the remaining Dķnedain she lived with the Elves in her youth and spoke their languages. When the Shadow formed again RůmeniÍl joined the Rangers - still in her teens -despite her father′s wish. She went to Rohan and met a honorable Roherrim Captain, named Harold. He took her heart and tales of their deads and doings still are told in Rohan. She bore a son to Harold and named him in the way of her ancestors. For she was struck by foresight that he should become a hero.

But she couldn′t foresee all and believed him lost when his father′s body was found broken on the fields of the Westfold.

One day, while traveling again and at a time when Theodhelm was in his teens, she ran into a small boy. He could not remember anything but possesed strange powers. Harold and RůmeniÍl decided to take him as their son and so he grew up as one of them, yet always setting out on his own adventures and sometimes giving them a challenging time. RůmeniÍl would have done anything to help him for he was her youngest son even if she never carried him under her heart, she carried him in it. But one day when she had thought life would once more be kinder to her she was bereft of her youngest child and once more stood on the edge of darknes. Blessed by Varda she swore to carry light and hope to blind the eyes of the dark enemies, becoming a light in dark times, ever trying to find those that disguise as good but do the biddings of the Dark Lord.

RůmeniÍl is now in her seventies which is barely midaged for a Dķnedain of noble blood, but she made herself a name among her fellows and all about Eriador.

She is full of mercy and compassion for the once that are weak and in need. But fierce in fighting the servants of The Dark Lord.

She vowed to protect Aragorn′s secret, until he himself reveals it, and to fight for the Free People of Middle Earth. In the name of the King and in remembrance of her fallen family she kindles light and hope in the hearts of her fellows to stand against The Dark Lord and his servants.

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