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"Cindy Tremaine - Charming
Adopted Daughter of Maggie Belle
Married To Caden Charming
Proud Member of World's Collide"
29 years old
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Canada - 00000
Last Login: January 27 2022

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Cindy Marie Charming Waiting For That Right Fit
The Story of a Girl

Cindy Marie Tremaine - Charming, was named after her late mother. Her mother Marie died giving birth to her. This left her Father Vincent Tremaine very down and depressed and easily tricked. He was out of his mind with grief and wanted to find someone to fill the void Cindy's mother had left. So when Cindy was five he met and married Lady Alice Tremaine. She had two daughters from a previous marriage. They were horrid to Cindy and would bully and pick on her when she was little.

As Cindy grew so did her beauty, this made Alice pissed because she knew her daughters would never find a good husband when Cindy looked as beautiful as she was. Alice had been poisoning Vincent for years trying to kill him and it was not working. So one night she snapped and stabbed him 14 times, finally killing him. Cindy was able to escape. But it left her with PTSD and Anxiety. She never truly felt safe again. Even though Alice is locked away in Moria Asylum. The fear of the monster is still there.

One of the sweet nurses at the Asylum hospital took her in and adopted her as her own daughter. Cindy loves Maggie, her adopted mother. She also met and fell in love with her soul mate Caden Charming while in her last year of high school. He is the only being that is able to get as close to her as Maggie. She feels complete with him. But he is not without his own demons. For now Cindy helps out with her mother at the Moria library and this for now is her place.

My Husband Caden Charming
Status: Married
Married To: Caden Charming
Since: Forever In Their Souls
Children: None Yet
Little Bit About Caden: Caden came into her life in a time where she was lost and alone and was scared. He healed her heart and showed her that love and good things can still come from the darkness that is always near them. He has put his all into being her rock and he would never change that. He loves her to the ends of his being.
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